Our goal is to offer our clients the highest quality Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens, Portable LED Screens at the most competitive prices in Australia. Sellonrock Digital aims to provide the highest quality products and services delivered with the fastest possible turnaround time.

Why choose LED Signage Display?

Everybody wants more store traffic and the flexibility to change marketing messages on the fly.  With the cost of digital signage and retail analytics technology becoming affordable for every retailer, it’s the new competitive advantage to win over shoppers.  The unique content Played on the LED digital signage attracts, engages and influences shoppers to your store and ultimately boosts your sales. With vibrant colours and deep blacks, LED displays are highly visible choice that makes them the ideal way to launch products, raise awareness and demonstrate your capabilities as a market leader.

Why Choose LED Displays

                                       Key Statistics That Prove Digital Signage is an Essential Business Tool* Ref- Cybercast

Benefits of LED Signage

The latest in LED display signage can help to promote your business and engage potential customers much more effectively than traditional advertising mediums such as billboards and shop-front signage.

  • Update screens easily and automatically
  • Get high-impact, high-resolution and bright LED display options to better promote your brand
  • Benefit from the energy efficiency of LED over traditional screens

If you are paying a premium for premises in a high-profile location, such as on a main road, then you should be talking to us about utilising outdoor digital LED signage to maximise the exposure to every passing car.

Big Screen Video’s LED signs allow for multiple, cost effective and easy to change advertisements. We have many signage options available, so we can customise the solution to suit your space.

Our Recent Work

P6 LED Display Size 2400mm x 1150mm Full Colour/WiFi Control/Outdoor/ Supports Text/Images/Animations/Videos

        (The recent job completed at Peter Rabbit Kindy, Canterbury Rd, Punchbowl 2196)

P6 LED Display Size 780mm x 960mm Full Colour/WiFi Control/Outdoor/ Supports Text/Images/Animations/Videos

        (The recent job completed at Look Wow Dental, Bankstown 2200 Near Blue Mist)

P6 LED Display Size 1920mm x 389mm Dual Sided Full Colour/WiFi Control/ Outdoor/Supports Text/Images/Animations/Videos

         (This job completed at Stepup Accounting, Bankstown 2200 Near Railway Station)

P6 LED Display Size 768mm x 576mm Full Colour/WiFi Control/Outdoor/Supports Text/Images/Animations/Videos

      (This job completed at Belmore Asian Groceries, Belmore 2192 Near Railway Station)

P6 LED Display Size 1920mm x 389mm Dual Sided Full Colour/WiFi Control/ Outdoor/Supports Text/Images/Animations/Videos

(This job completed at Latash Financial Services, Wiley Park 2195 Near Railway Station)

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